Who is Purplefrog?

I was tired of going to the shops and selecting the same old greeting cards. Either boring and soppy, or the odd humorous ones were just too dad-jokey and cringe-worthy. And I certainly couldn’t find any inappropriate ones!

So I thought I would put a few designs out there and see if anyone would be interested. Turns out a lot of people don’t like boring Hallmark cards!

I began by getting an external print shop to print my designs for me, but I soon discovered that it was going to be a lot easier and cost effective for me to print them all in house. This would also allow me to provide custom orders, and a much quicker turnaround. So I invested in an excellent quality printer and here we are!

I enjoy designing each card, and each one is packaged by me with love!

Printed with love

Each card is designed, printed, packaged and posted to you from Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Want to change a colour? No problem.

Want a word changed or added to add a bit more personalisation for the recipient? Too easy.

Have an idea yourself that you just need a helping hand getting it into print? Hit us up!

We are able to do tweaks of our current cards, or design something completely new for you. We have no minimum order for custom designs either, so if you just want a single card, you can just buy a single card!


We love hearing what you think about our service and product! It gives us warm fuzzies.